• Our marriage services are designed for only for Pakistani permanent residents and green card holders living in USA.
  • We are NOT offering our services for the following people:

a)      People living in Pakistan looking for rishta in USA.

b)      People living in USA or in Pakistan those have Multiple or Visit Visa.

c)       People those are on student visa living in USA.

d)      Pakistani girls after getting married in USA plan to settle down their sister or brother in USA those are living in Pakistan need not to contact.

  • OverseasPakistaniMatrimonial.com is the largest online matrimonial website offering its services for Pakistani American community facing difficulty in finding their soul mate.
  • We do not entertain visa seekers even if they claim that they are the landlords and have resources to visit America on their own, we advise them to get business visa of USA rather than looking for brides who settled them in USA or come to Pakistan to live with them so that they can get their objective.
  • We help you find educated Pakistani Muslim Sunni and Shia rishtay all over USA.
  • We have the largest database of Muslim never married, divorced and widowed ladies and gents looking for marriage within USA and Canada.
  • We are also offering our marriage bureau services for overseas Pakistanis living not only in USA but in UK, UAE, Australia and Canada. As long as they Pakistani, educated and have permanent residency of the countries, they can acquire ours services.
  • We are offering a simple online matchmaking service for all well settled, educated, rich Pakistani families living in USA and Canada.
  • We are also offering our matchmaking (rishta) services for the practicing doctors living in USA or doctors living in USA or Pakistan those have cleared their USMLE.
  • We are also offering marriage bureau (rishta) services for Pakistani Syed (Non-Syed) Sunni and  Shia living in USA and have US nationality.
  • We also offering free consultation to find best Pakistani rishta in New York, Houston, California, Newark, Newport, Delaware, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Texas, Oregon and Illinois.
  • Our services include the expertise and advise of a professional online Pakistani matchmaker for Pakistani Americans looking for girls and boys for marriage within USA.
  • We are offering our marriage bureau services to Pakistani American grooms those are looking for a match from the top ten most populous cities of Pakistan, mainly Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan. Note: Pakistani boys living in Pakistan need not to contact with the intention to get married in USA, we don’t have any requirement nor we have received any requirement from the Pakistani American brides living in USA to import the same from Pakistan, simply NO visa seekers.
  • Our matrimonial services are equally important for Pakistani divorced woman or man looking for second marriage outside USA, as polygamy is not allowed in USA.
  • We charge advance fees of 100US$ to refer you 20 to 30 educated proposals living in USA, when it comes to doctors we charge 100US$ to refer them 5 doctors proposals against that, we charge 300US$ from man looking for second marriage means in the presence of first wife.