Hi. thanks for contacting Ahmed International Matchmaker (This is personal online matchmaking and you will receive marriage proposals directly in your email box and you will be given full contact details of the bride / groom. 

*Greedy Boys looking for nationality need not to waste their money and time on any matchmaking service.   

*Drop your 2 recent pictures on Email info@marriageservice.org or ahmedmatchmaker@gmail.com include your requirements which means maximum age acceptable and  any other main point to refer you proposals.

*If we agreed on your requirements you can pay advance fees.

Fees Structure:

a. Minimum fees is 100 US$ for never married bride below 27 years of age (Only demand which can be entertained in this category by bride family is an educated guy, thats all)

b. Normal fees is 300 US$ for bride or groom above 28 or above years of age or people have specific demands.

c. Elite Class will be charged 1000us$ or equivalent.

* To Know more about Ahmed Matchmaker Watch his videos https://youtu.be/GgQNXauPH9k

Peole living in Gulf or Dubai can watch https://youtu.be/2rGTQ8qNMV0

If you have not yet filled  online form fill it on www.tfaforms.com/404918

Simply follow the procedure written above, most importantly must keep in mind that we charge fees to refer you proposals, to marry or not to marry solely depends on your intentions and we cannot force you to get married.

Take Very good Care of yourself, Once you filled form, kindly mention your email below.   

Note: must  watch video its in your own benefit and fill form at this link www.tfaforms.com/404918 plus drop 2 picutures at ahmedmatchmaker@gmail.com

Advance fees is charged to offer 36 proposals in a year, 3 proposals in a month

Note: Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change.