Pakistani rishta in Oman is your trusted platform for finding the best Pakistani rishta, matchmaker, and marriage bureau services in Oman. Led by Ahmed Matchmaker, our platform is dedicated to connecting individuals from the Pakistani community with their ideal life partners. With a focus on personalized matchmaking and confidentiality, we strive to make your journey to finding love as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Top 15 Cities in Oman

Our services cater to Pakistani communities across Oman, including the following top 15 cities:

  1. Muscat
  2. Seeb
  3. Salalah
  4. Bawshar
  5. Sohar
  6. As Suwayq
  7. Ibri
  8. Saham
  9. Barka
  10. Rustaq
  11. Al Buraimi
  12. Nizwa
  13. Sur
  14. Bahla
  15. Al Khaburah

Sub-Castes of Sunni and Shia Communities

We understand the importance of sub-castes within Sunni and Shia communities. Here are some of the prominent sub-castes:

Sunni Sub-Castes:

  1. Abbasi
  2. Syed
  3. Qureshi
  4. Rajput
  5. Jutt
  6. Malik
  7. Gujjar
  8. Arain
  9. Butt
  10. Pathan

Shia Sub-Castes:

  1. Zaidi
  2. Kazmi
  3. Rizvi
  4. Naqvi
  5. Bukhari
  6. Jafri
  7. Mehdi
  8. Haider
  9. Abbas
  10. Sadiq

Multilingual Support

Our platform supports multiple languages to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the Pakistani community. Whether you speak Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, or Memoni, we ensure effective communication and understanding between potential matches.

Professional Diversity

We cater to professionals from various fields within the Pakistani community, including doctors, engineers, members of the elite class, MBA graduates, and IT experts. Regardless of your profession, we believe that everyone deserves to find their perfect match.

Importance of the Omani Community in Oman

The Omani community holds significant importance in the cultural, economic, and social landscape of Oman. With a population exceeding millions, Omani expatriates have made substantial contributions to various sectors:

Facts and Figures:

  • Omani expatriates contribute to Oman’s economy through their work in sectors such as healthcare, technology, finance, and hospitality.
  • The community actively participates in cultural events, festivals, and community organizations, enriching the multicultural fabric of Oman.
  • Omani expatriates uphold their traditions and values while integrating into Omani society, fostering mutual understanding and respect.
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